Thanks for stopping by feedzone.com. So what is this website all about? Back in the day of my cycling career (see photo of hairnet racer) most folks I knew loved deals. All the racers I knew were pretty much cheap bastards trying to get enough money together to make it to the next race. Prize money was nice but it did not pay the rent and sometimes it did not even pay for gas.

Preston St criterium

Author, hairnet wearing, criterium racing action.

With that in mind the main focus is finding deals on various sports nutrition products. When we started racing race food was a banana stuffed in your pocket along with some wrapped up treats (fig newtons!) in aluminum foil. Cutting edge race food was glucose tablets.

Now things have changed with the vast amount of energy bars and other products available. Almost everyday new products are hitting the market. We will continue to review all the different products that we can find but the focus will be on products you can use will on the go. Our reviews will be honest opinions based on over 30 years and thousands of hours on our bicycle.

One thing we NOT do is associate with people or specific products that have benefited by doping in cycling. That might include a vast range of products but certain industry types have not addressed their past deeds. If people want to position themselves as industry leaders based on tainted results that is something we will not promote.

The daily deals that we find from online sources are the main focus of the website. Paying retail in cycling shops for energy gels would be the best thing for the cycling industry but it can put a huge dent in your bank account. Save your money for the next race entry fee!

All the information featured on the website is not truly cycling specific is the food industry is marketed to almost everyone today. Reference to cycling back pockets is important when you consider the portability of the various items.

If you are fortunate enough to be working in the sports nutrition industry or the bicycle business and you want to provide us with some samples or advertising feel free to contact us. For other folks we will have feedzone.com waterbottles available for sale very soon.

You can contact us via dave @ feedzone.com

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