Are Clif Bars healthy – Good or bad for you – some facts

Getting ready to buy some energy bars for a race? Or something for a little snack?

What you buy should depend on what your needs are for a specific event or activity. Read this article for some help regarding the different Clif Bar products.

Any all encompassing questions like “are Clif Bars healthy” misses the fundamental question. Why are you eating an energy bar? What Clif Bar product are you buying? This article relates to another posting that states that Clif Bars are junk. The author unfortunately snacked on a Pecan Pie ClifBar at bedtime. Problem!

Read any of the Clif Bar reviews on this website, you see the regular bars are noted as being sweet. You need to be drinking water when you take them during any event. Again another key point. During an event!

CLif Bar healthy vs Clif bar bad

Are Clif Bars Bad for you?

Before we examine the aspect of sporting events and product usage we should examine the products. If you compare the two products pictured above they are both made by ClifBar. You’ll see two very different products and two different target consumers. So when we are talking about Clif Bars being bad for you we should really look at the complete product line. If you simply look at the regular energy bar you are not looking at the complete picture.

The Chocolate Chip bar in the image above is the product that most readers recognize. Its designed to be used when you’re doing some physical. For the cyclists I’d recommend the Chocolate Chip bar if you were riding for at least 90 plus minutes. Its has tons of calories and as noted its extremely sweet with 26 grams of sugar. You need to be drinking water when eating the bar. If you are using a sports drink at the same time the drink should be diluted or your stomach might turn on you because of all the sugar.

The Kit Organic bar pictured above is another Clifbar product. Its the Cashew bar from the Fruit and Nut series. Its only made with four ingredients; Organic Dates, Organic Cashews, Organic Almonds and sea salt. Because of the dates it still has a high sugar count with 15 grams.

One of the complaints about the regular Clif Bar is the list of ingredients with all sorts of names that most people would not recognize. One factor is the inclusion of vitamins and minerals in the regular but the Kit’s Nut and Fruit series along with the Fruit and Seed series have minimal ingredients.

If you find the Kits products to sweet because of the dates you could also try out the Mojo series of bars that contain less than 10 grams of sugar per bar.

healthy Clif Bar vs healthy Larabar

Healthy energy bar solutions?

For someone looking for a nice light snack to help them during a short hike or short cycling ride we have recommended LaraBar products as the best. The author of article that suggested that ClifBar are unhealthy also recommends Larabar products.

So are all Clif Bar products good or bad for you? If you take the recommendations about Larabar products and compare the two pictured products you might even say Clif Bar products are better. It depends on your views on Organic products.

The LaraBar Cashew Cookie product has two ingredients Cashews and Dates. The Clif Bar Fruit and Nut Cashew bar has the four ingredients noted earlier but the main ones are Organic. So if you place a high value on only eating organic sourced ingredients you would likely place a higher value on the Clifbar version.

The whole point of this article is the blanket statement that Clif Bar products are junk is not true when you look at the bigger picture of products being offered and how they are used.

Look at it another way.

Beer while get you drunk. Its bad.

What are you drinking? PBR vs some organic Ginger Beer.

How much are you drinking and when? One can with dinner or draining a 12 pack in a parking lot before the game.

The same applies to the statement that Clif Bars are bad.

For anyone doing a recreational activity or taking part in a sporting event you need to think about your actual requirements. If you’re doing a light jog in the park you don’t need to be eating a regular Clif Bar. Find a Mojo Dark Chocolate if you are hungry. Or just eat a banana.

If you’re doing a 100 mile charity ride yes you could be including your favorite flavor in your back pocket. Its also important to have tried out the different flavors in advance of any sporting event. The Pecan Pie is alot different flavor sensation and you don’t want any surprises half way through a six hour event!


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