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Clifbar 12 pack deal

Clifbar 2015 Tour de France deal

With the 2015 Tour de France bar in full affect (get well soon Fabian Cancellera and Tony Martin) we found a great deal on a 12 pack of White Chocolate Macadamia bars. If you order $35 worth [...]

24 box Clif Bars deal

24 pack of Clif Bars deal

If you're looking for an affordable Xmas gift for your Clif Bar lover there currently is a great deal available from Amazon. The usually cost for stores for Clif Bars is about $1.25 each but if [...]

Nuun tablets deal

Hydration tablets deal from Nuun

One of the newer and more popular products are the Nuun hydration tablets. With that in mind we searched and found a great deal on the four pack of the Nuun tablets. Buying one tube of [...]

Powerbar Chocolate Crisp protein bar

Tour de France recovery deal

With todays stage in full affect we searched for a deal on a recovery product. With all those kilometers the riders will be looking for something more than energy bars. I'm sure Tony Martin is going [...]

Powerbar Oatmeal Raisin performance bar

Tour de France Powerbar Oatmeal Raisin deal

With the Tour de France in full affect its time to show some love to sponsor Powerbar. We searched online for various online deals on Powerbar products and we found a great deal on the Oatmeal [...]

Vega sport Chocolate Coconut protein bar deal

Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut protein bar deal

To follow up on our recent Vega Sport Chocolate Saviseed protein bar review we searched for some deals on related products. For some reason the best deal was on the Vega Sport Chocolate Coconut protein bar [...]


PowerBar Vanilla energy gel deal

For folks who like the PowerBar energy gels but want to avoid caffeine here is a nice deal on the PowerGel vanilla flavor. Again the deal is from Amazon and you can get free shipping if [...]

PowerGel Double Latte energy gel

PowerBar PowerGel Double Latte deal

Lovers of caffeine in their energy gels should take a look at this great deal via Amazon. Right now you can find a great deal on PowerGel Double Latte energy gels. The per unit cost is [...]

PowerBar Triple Threat protein energy bar

PowerBar Protein Triple Threat Bar, Caramel Peanut Fusion flavor deal

PowerBar is one of the most well know brands in the sports nutrition field. The brand has a long history associated with it and it was bought by the Nestle group of companies several years ago. [...]

Clif builder protein bar Chocolate Peanut butter photo

Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bar deal

Protein bars are one of the fastest growing categories of the sports nutrition market. The problem is that they are also one of the most expensive products. We found a great deal on Clif Bar Builders [...]

ProBar Koka Moka energy bar.

ProBar Koka Moka Meal bar deal

Following up on our recent review of the ProBar Double Chocolate Meal bar we went searching for some online deals on ProBar products. Amazon came through again but with its slightly confusing pricing model. At the [...]

Clif Shot Chocolate energy gel

Clif Shot Chocolate energy gel .87 cent deal

While people have certain favorite flavours of energy gels sometimes a nice low price point can change your decision. For some reason right now on Amazon you have get the Clif Shot Chocolate energy gels for [...]

Clif Shot Mocha gel

Clif Shot Mocha Energy Gel deal

Entering the last few minutes of any race its great to have one last boost from your favorite energy gel. The Mocha flavor of Clif Shot energy gels contains some cafferine which some people just love. [...]

Powerbar Chocolate performance bar deal

Chocolate Powerbar performance energy bar deal

If you love the flavour of chocolate and thats a given for most people here's a great deal for anyone in the USA. Amazon has 12 packs of Chocolate flavour Powerbar performance bars for only 12.99. [...]

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