Clif Bar Builder’s Protein Bar deal

Protein bars are one of the fastest growing categories of the sports nutrition market. The problem is that they are also one of the most expensive products. We found a great deal on Clif Bar Builders Protein bar in either Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor.

Clif Builder protein bar chocolate peanut butter

Builder bar for $1.60 each

The Builder Bar provides 20 grams of protein. Unlike many protein bars it is not made with whey protein. The major protein source for the bar is soy. The bar is very sweet and it tastes pretty much like a commercial chocolate bar which can be good or bad depending on your viewpoint. At the bottom of the article is an image showing the bars nutritional information.

The deal listed below has two slightly different prices with the Peanut Butter version listed at a lower price of $1.60 per bar when you buy a box of twelve. The chocolate version is slightly more expensive at $1.67 per bar. With this deal through Amazon you can receive free shipping to US addresses if you spend over $35. So buy two cases and you’ve hit the free shipping target.

Clif Builder protein bar nutritional information

Clif Builder nutrition info


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