PowerBar Protein Triple Threat Bar, Caramel Peanut Fusion flavor deal

PowerBar is one of the most well know brands in the sports nutrition field. The brand has a long history associated with it and it was bought by the Nestle group of companies several years ago. When you combine knowledge of sports and the marketing power of Nestle you get some interesting results.

PowerBar triple threat protein bar

PowerBar triple threat bar.

The PowerBar Triple Threat bars are aimed at folks who want a healthy energy bar and something that tastes great. Make no mistake this bar tates great its very easy to snack on one or two. With 10 grams of protein the bar avoids that chalky texture some bars suffer from by having heavy amounts of whey protein. The only issue is the actually ingredient list. Take alook at the attached image and the list of items. really what the bar is a protein bar that closely resembles a chocolate bar that you’d find in a corner store. A protein bar version of a chocolate bar. The unit price of $1.23 applies because the box is 15 units instead of the usual dozen.

If you order via the following deal on Amazon you can receive free shipping if you combine some other items to hit $35 in product. The shipping deal only applies to US addresses.

Power Bar Triple Threat ingredients

PowerBar Triple Threat protein bar ingredients


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