Energy bar reviews and deals

Healthy Clif bar choices

Are Clif Bars healthy – Good or bad for you – some facts

Getting ready to buy some energy bars for a race? Or something for a little snack? What you buy should depend on what your needs are for a specific event or activity. Read this article for [...]

Powerbar Oatmeal Raisin performance bar

Tour de France Powerbar Oatmeal Raisin deal

With the Tour de France in full affect its time to show some love to sponsor Powerbar. We searched online for various online deals on Powerbar products and we found a great deal on the Oatmeal [...]

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch bar

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch review

Any sports nutrition product that contains chocolate seems to find its way onto the website. In the right formula it add some great falvor to your required energy needs. The folks at Clif Bar have [...]

Larabar cashew energy bar review.

Larabar Cashew energy bar review

While some companies push the fact that they are whole food companies Larabar set the bar (no pun intended) in the whole food side of sports nutrition. All the Larabar energy bar have only a few [...]

ProBar Koka Moka energy bar.

ProBar Koka Moka Meal bar deal

Following up on our recent review of the ProBar Double Chocolate Meal bar we went searching for some online deals on ProBar products. Amazon came through again but with its slightly confusing pricing model. At the [...]

ProBar Double Chocolate Meal energy bar

Pro Bar Double Chocolate energy bar review

Many companies market themselves as providors of "whole foods" which means they are trying as hard as possible to keep things real. In the sports nutrition field the ProBar company from Park City, Utah makes some [...]

Honey Stinger Mocha Cherry protein bar

Honey Stinger Mocha Cherry Pro energy bar review

Honey is one natures best ingredients for many reasons. The folks at Honey Stinger know that and they use that to their advantage. Their Honey Stinger Mocha Cherry Protein energy bar is made with 25% honey. [...]

Clif Bar chocolate coconut bar

Clif Bar Coconut Chocolate Chip bar review

Clif Bar has plenty of different options for their energy bars. Many people can not resist the taste of chocolate so its a common flavour for any energy bar company. The slight twist with this bar [...]

Clif Bar Mojo Dark Chocolate Gluten free

Clif Bar Mojo Dark Chocolate Almond sea salt bar info

Lovers of the Clif Bar products should be happy with one of their newest releases. The Clif Bar Mojo bars are not aimed at the racing cyclist-runner game day crowd. They are great for the active [...]

Powerbar Chocolate performance bar deal

Chocolate Powerbar performance energy bar deal

If you love the flavour of chocolate and thats a given for most people here's a great deal for anyone in the USA. Amazon has 12 packs of Chocolate flavour Powerbar performance bars for only 12.99. [...]

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