Vegan athletes yes they exist

One of the more common things that you’ll hear when you start training in that you need to get enough protein to build up those muscles. Plus the only way to get enough protein is to eat more protein and meat is the best source.

The following news story taken from the CBC does show that its possible to be an elite level athlete and be vegetarian. Taking that step even further is becoming a vegan which means that you do not eat any dairy products. So any protein bar or energy bar containing whey would be excluded from your diet.

Many trainers or coaches would strongly recommend that you do not switch over to a plant based diet because they believe it would be impossible to get enough protein in your diet. If you properly plan out your menu its actually easy but you do need to research what you should be eating in advance. If you are someone who simple grabs a quick bit at a fast food restaurant when you’re short of time you’ll find that eating vegan and eating properly is difficult.

One possible way to make the transition easier is to look at the range of products offered by the Vega. The company was founded by a professional triathlete Brendan Brazie. When he did make the switch over to a vegan lifestyle his performance did suffer. But that really become the start of his company because all the research he did to help his own performacen he used to produce vegan products. The company is well known for its protein shake mix called Vega One which contains many other nutritients besides protein. They also have some protein energy bars and other  products. We will be reviewing some of their products in the near future.

Besides the vegan nutritional products from Vega Brendan has written some very popular books The Thrive Diet and its related recipe book.


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